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Liki24 is a platform of health care products and services, which includes home delivery of health and beauty products, lab tests, online doctor consultation and preventive medicine subscription.


Did you know that health and beauty product prices may differ 3 times?

Depending on the country and the seller prices may differ significantly. Our platform monitors prices of more than 8'000 sellers to find the most affordable for you!

Liki24 Advantages

50’000 products available in one tap

The widest range of health, beauty, medcine and personal care products on the single website. We group catalogs of hundreds partners from different countries and stores

The most affordable prices

We will find the best price for your cart and collect it from multiple stores to send it as a single parcel

Cross-border covered

Currently most of products are delivered from Romania. And we are looking forward extending the geography, including other countries and local partners

Trusted sellers

We work only with certified pharmacies and stores. All partners are carefully selected and verified by our compliance team

We care about your comfort

Do not have multiple deliveries. Your products are collected from different stores and shipped at the requested adress in one pack.

Customer Care

You always have a possibility to speak with our support team or pharmacist. Doctor's consultation is coming soon




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Italy, Romania, Ukraine



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Is an online pharmacy?

No, is not an online pharmacy. We are not the seller of the products. We receive information about product prices and availability from hundreds of partners — certified pharmacies and sellers. This makes a unique place where you can place a single order and receive products from multiple sellers with the best prices.

Is it safe to order on platform?

Yes, works only with licensed pharmacies and sellers. You can be sure that all partners are carefully selected and verified by our compliance team.

Who is responsible for product quality?

Each seller packs its products in sealed bags. Neither, nor your delivery agent are involved in product manipulations. Only the seller of the product is responsible for the quality of products. You will get an original of the fiscal receipt for each product inside of your parcel with details of the seller.

What is refund policy?

Usually returns are not accepted. is not offering online sales. All products are purchased on your behalf physically inside of the seller’s point of sale and you have a printed fiscal receipt that confirms this. This means that your right to return products that are purchased online will be not applicable for products ordered on platform. However, depending on the pharmacy/seller return policy for some product this can be accepted. You can always reach customer support to help you with finding out if your product can be returned.

What are delivery terms?

Delivery of products is made by delivery partners. We offer a wide range of delivery options with different prices. Most products can be delivered by standard delivery/postal providers. However, please check if your product needs special thermal or other conditions before ordering it on our platform.

How the order flow works for medicine?

Delivery agent will visit the physical point of sale, the pharmacy, and will purchase products defined by you, on your behalf. In some cases delivery agents will visit multiple pharmacies to complete your order. Products are acked in sealed bags inside of the pharmacy by the licensed pharmacist. Neither, nor your delivery agent are involved in medicine manipulations. Your products will be further collected by a standard courier/postal carrier for being delivered at the requested adress.

Why the product price may change? publishes information about products and prices that is collected from thousands of sellers. We aim to publish only up to date and correct data. However we cannot control stocks and prices of sellers. It might happen from time to time that the final price of the product could differ from the one that is published on our website. We always communicate with you about the increase of the price, in case the price in the store appeared to be 10%+ higher compared to the initial one, products will not be purchased without your consent.

Why the service fee may change?

Our platform defines the best prices for the products at the moment of your order and calculates the price for purchasing and delivery of the given products. However, sometimes the product might be missing and the delivery agent needs to cover a longer distance or purchase in stores that are subject to other surcharges. Usually this price difference will be covered by, however if the total price of the order remains the same, delivery fee and/or other service fee might be subject to increase.

How cross-border delivery works?

Currently most of products are delivered from Romania. In case of cross-border delivery we use recognised logistic partners, so that you can always receive a Tracking Number for your parcel and can expect at least the same quality delivery as inside Italy. Product packaging may differ from the Italian one. To keep it simple we always have Italian descriptions on our website, so you may refer to them anytime. Same as for domestic deliveries, products are collected only from certified pharmacies and stores and packed into sealed bags by the seller.

Customers about us

Would you like to become our partner? is a platform of health services. We partner with pharmacies, beauty stores, insurance companies, clinics, labs, health experts, manufacturers and delivery carriers. Join our ecosystem to build an affordable health together!

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Who is is a platform of health care products and services, which includes home delivery of health and beauty products, lab tests, online doctor consultation and preventive medicine subscription. Liki24 acts as an informational service provider, a bridge between customer and all mentioned parties.

Our legal and business model is verified by legal, tax, pharma specialists in different EU countries. Activities of are compliant with local legislation of Italy as well as EU regulations.

As an informational platform, we are collecting information from our partners and other publicly available sources about products and offer to our customer services of purchase and delivery of the defined products, on behalf of the customer. The purchase activity is a physical one and is being made inside of the pharmacy/store by authorized delivery agent. The customer always receives the fiscal receipt from the seller (pharmacy) together with the products requested.

We are not an online pharmacy, neither seller of products. Thus the legislation on online sale of pharmaceuticals does not apply to You can find detailed information about our modus operandi here.

Would you like to improve your pharmacy?

Activate to digitize your offerings, reach more customers and boost your sales. Choose between different partnership options: direct pick-up in the store, organized delivery handled by third party partners, dropshipping orders.

Why the service fee may change?

Access of patients to the healthcare services and products is guaranteed within the whole EU as well as free movement of goods and services is one of the pillars of the EU. This gives customer the possibility to order a service of third party delivery agents located in different EU member states. Products can be purchased by a mandated delivery agent on customer's behalf inside of the store/pharmacy that is located in Italy or a different EU member state. Currently we offer a delivery of most of products from Romania.

Cross-border delivery includes such steps as online reservation of products, collecting these products across multiple stores/pharmacies, merging collected reservations into complete orders and shipping them to customer's door.